World #1 Cloud Amazon Web Services (AWS), Priority Support from Oryon

All of our Managed Amazon Web Services (AWS) Plans include:

  • Cloud Servers From World Largest Cloud Provider Amazon
  • Regular Server Performance Tuning
  • 24/7 Expert Management And Support
  • 24/7 Proactive Services Monitoring
  • Regular Server Security Review And Update
  • Antivirus Protection & Malware Removal
  • 1 x Weekly Server Backup Retention
  • ServerSentry Basic

Windows Server

  Virtual CPUSSD Disk StorageMemory (RAM)Price (/mo)* Monthly Data
  160 GB2 GB$893 TBSign Up
  280 GB4 GB$1394 TBSign Up
  2160 GB8 GB$1995 TBSign Up
  4320 GB16 GB$2996 TBSign Up
  8640 GB32 GB$5497 TBSign Up

*  Inbound data transfer is free. Mumbai ( India ) and Sydney (Australia) monthly data limit is restricted to 50% of allocated.

Available Operating Systems: Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016 , Windows Server 2012 R2

SQL Server 2016 Express is available free of charges.

All prices in Singapore Dollars (SGD) Nett Monthly.

Choose the location for your server: Singapore, Mumbai ( India ), Seoul (South Korea), Tokyo (Japan), Sydney (Australia), Frankfurt ( Germany), Paris (France) , London ( UK), Ireland, Montreal (Canada), Oregon (US), Ohio (US), Virginia ( US)

Business Benefits

Free Setup & Transfer

We have a team of experts dedicated to your migration and your entire onboarding experience.

Control Panel

Optional Plesk for Windows server for the ease of setting up your own hosting environment.

Always Here for You

Oryon Assist with Live Chat, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp to get help immediately whenever you need it 24/7.

Easy Upgrade

Easily add resources whenever you need it! Upgrade from one plan to another easily within minutes without any risk of data loss. We charge only the difference.

Safe & Secure Data

1 x Weekly server backup. Managed failover and hot migration help to protect your data against hardware failure.

Management Included

We go beyond keeping your server up to date; we support all aspects of your server and troubleshoot issues that arise. In short, you can ask us anything.

More Information

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Managed Cloud Server?

Cloud Server  is a virtual machine offered as a service by a web hosting provider. For many purposes it is functionally equivalent to a dedicated physical server. It runs its own copy of an operating system with assigned system resources like processors, ram/memory and hard disk storage. They share the underlying physical hardware with other virtual machines. Root access is provided and it allows greater control compared to the access given by Shared Hosting.

In a fully managed cloud server hosting environment, Oryon directly and exclusively manages all aspects of the server’s hardware and software stack (etc LAMP), including updating of all necessary operating system patches to address server security vulnerabilities and bugs. The customer is responsible only for managing the application(s) or website(s) they install on the server.

Why is your virtual server more expensive than others?

When comparing solutions, it is important you are comparing apples to apples. Our managed virtual servers include full management, WHM/CPanel, and we setup the server to be fully optimized and hardened. In short, we provide you with a system administrator who monitored and maintain the server for you. If you add in the cost of maintaining the number of backups as well as WHM/Cpanel license, it will certainly increase the cost beyond the pricing of a bare minimum virtual server.

What is the minimum contract?

We do not have any contract period on our managed virtual servers. You can sign up today and cancel any time you wish with no exit fee’s or termination notice periods.

I’m new to virtual server. Is managed virtual server for me?

Yes! All virtual servers from Oryon are fully managed by our expert support team. Our experts will monitor, optimize, and protect your server 24/7, so you can spend your time managing your business and less worrying about the server. It is perfect for people who are new to server management or those who would prefer spending time on their business instead of their servers.

How is managed virtual server different from shared hosting?
In a virtual server environment, server resources like processors and ram are isolated from everyone else on the server. This ensures that you never have to worry about other customers impacting the performance of your website or applications. Even with a bad neighbor your server is guaranteed to run smoothly.

In a shared hosting server environment, your website(s) constantly fight with hundreds to thousands, of other customers’ websites for the same amount of server resources. Shared hosting environments limits on what you can do, like customizing the server software and install your own applications. With a virtual server, you have access at the root level to customize existing applications and install new ones anytime.

How can I upgrade the server?

Your server can be upgraded in just a couple of minutes. Just contact us via live chat and let us know that you wish to upgrade the server. It is that easy.

How can I enabled https (SSL) for my website, do i have to pay for it?

Yes, you have to purchase SSL certificate for your domain and install on it. Once you have installed the SSL certificate the website data will be transferred via secured and encrypted way. Oryon provides different type of SSL plan with our  customer. It will be setup and installed within 1 hour once you have confirmed the order.

What if my question was not answered in this FAQ?

Our Support Team who is available 24x7x365 will be happy to answer any specific questions you may have on the live chat.

For questions and enquiries related to device setup and administration, please refer to