Steps to setup the email account in Windows Live Mail via POP

Step 1: Open Windows Live Mail
Step 2: Select “Accounts” at the top section and click on “Email“.
Step 3: You will see the new window where you have to mention the complete email address and password.
Step 4: Also please tick the manually configure server settings option and then click Next.
Step 5: Under Incoming server settings, you may have to select Server type as POP3, server address as mail.<>
Step 6: For POP3 use 110 – SSL Disabled ( If SSL enabled Use 995)
Step 7: Under Outgoing server settings, server address as mail.<>
Step 8: Outgoing SMTP port – 25 or 587 or 26 (If SSL enabled use 465)

[Note: If you are using SSL port numbers, kindly use server hostname for Incoming and Outgoing mail servers.]

Step 9: Check the box for Requires Authentication.
Step 10: Finally click next and your mail account is created.

[Note: The incoming and outgoing mail server is an example, it is based on server]
Note: Leave a copy of messages on the server:
Place a tick in this box if you want to leave a copy of your downloaded mail on the server (recommended if you access this account from another device, such as a mobile phone).
Remove the tick if you would prefer to have the messages deleted immediately after they have been downloaded.

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