How to make a mass price change for PrestaShop website using phpMyAdmin

Step 1: Login to the cPanel.
Step 2: Once in the cPanel, find the “Databases” category and click on the “phpMyAdmin” icon.
Step 3: The left hand sidebar and find the name of your PrestaShop database. Click on the name to begin working with it.
Step 4: After clicking on the database name, the right hand panel will populate with a list of tables. More importantly, the work tabs at the top appear. Click on the SQL tab to open the SQL query editor.
Step 5: From the SQL query editor, you will need to enter the code to make the price change. Below are a few sample codes to demonstrate increasing and decreasing prices by both specific amounts and percentages.

i. Sample code to increase all prices by twenty percent (20%).
UPDATE ps_product_shop SET price = price*1.20
UPDATE ps_product SET price = price*1.20

ii. Sample code to decrease all prices by 15 cents (.25).
UPDATE ps_product_shop SET price = price-.15
UPDATE ps_product SET price = price-.15

iii.Sample code to decrease all prices by ten percent (10%)
UPDATE ps_product_shop SET price = price / 1.1
UPDATE ps_product SET price = price / 1.1

Step 6: Once you have entered a query with your desired price change, click the Go button at the bottom. This will activate the query and make the change. Your prices should now display with the new changes.

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