How to enable auto-archive feature to archive the older emails automatically in Outlook 2016 email client and its latest versions

Step 1: Open the Outlook email client on your local PC
Step 2: Click on the ‘File’ menu on the top right corner of the Outlook window.
Step 3: Now locate and click the ‘Options’ tab on the File menu.
Step 4: Click the Advanced tab to set up the auto archive feature.
Step 5: Navigate to AutoArchive settings and choose the same.
Step 6: Click to select the AutoArchive Every check box, and then type a number in the Days box to specify how frequently the Auto-archive process runs.
Step 7: If you want to be notified before the items are archived, click to select the Prompt Before AutoArchive check box.
Step 8: In the Default archive file box, type a file name for the archived items to be transferred to, or click Browse to select from a list.
Step 9: If you wish to save the emails on particular folder, then create and set it for auto archive as per your requirement.
Step 10: Click OK two times.

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