How To Deploy Google Chrome Using Group Policy Windows Server 2012

This article will show you how to deploy \ push Google Chrome to all client computers using Group Policy via Windows Server 2012.

There are two requirements are:

1. The Google Chrome Installer file which you will need to download from Google

2. Group Policy that will deploy the software to the clients

To start:

Download the MSI Installer file from the address below (select for IT Managers options)

Place the MSI file In a Share folder:

Step 3: Open Group Policy Editor and go to:

User Configuration, Policies, Software Settings, Software Installation, Right Click and Select New Package

Step 4: Select the MSI file you placed in a share drive

Step 5: Select Assigned

Step 6: Open the deployment

Step 7: Go to deployment tab and use the settings below:

Step 8: Next time the users will log on they will see the installation screen.

Step 9: Once completed the Icon will be placed on the Desktop