How to configure email account in Mozilla Thunder bird client via IMAP

Step 1: Open Thunderbird then click on Tools and select Account Settings.
Step 2: Click on Account Actions and select Add Mail Account.
Step 3: Enter your name, your Hover email address, and your email password then click on Continue.
Step 4: Thunderbird will try to auto configure the account settings. The orange status lights indicate that a test connection failed. Click on the Edit button.
Step 5: The following settings need to be entered:

Username: enter your full email address

Select IMAP after the Incoming mail server name.

For IMAP use 143 – SSL Disabled ( If SSL enabled Use 993)
Outgoing SMTP port – 587 SSL Enabled

Step 6: Once these settings have been entered, click on the Re-test Configuration button.
Step 7: The configuration test was successful, as indicated by the green lights. Click on Create Account.
Step 8: The account configuration has been completed. Click OK.

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