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Uploading video content to your WordPress site?

Step 1: Login to the wordpress admin panel.
Step 2: Once on the admin dashboard, over the Media option from the left hand side menu and click on the Add New from the popup menu.
Step 3: This leads you to the Upload New Media page. Click on the Select Files button to continue.
Step 4: This opens a window for you to browse your local computer and select the video. Once you find it, upload it to your server.
Step 5: To add the video to your site, select either Pages or Posts from the left hand menu.
Step 6: Click on the post/page you want to edit, or click on Add New. We selected to edit a current post entitled.
Step 7: Now that you are in the post/page editor, you will see a small Add media icon above the body content editor. Click that button.
Step 8: This brings you to the Insert Media page. Click on the Media Library. This will bring up a list of existing data to select from. Click on the video you want to insert and click on the Insert into post button.
Step 9: You will be brought back to the post editor where the code will be inserted for your video. Click on the update link in order to save the changes.

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