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Steps to Configure FTP Services

Step 1: Launch the FileZilla Server Interface
Step 2: Click on the icon that looks like a single person. The “Users” dialog should appear.
Step 3: Under “Users” click “Add”.
Type UPLOAD as the username
Click OK
Step 4: Check the “Password” box and enter a password
Step 5: Click on “Shared Folders”.
Step 6: Under Shared Folders, click “Add”.
Step 7: Select the folder that the user should have access to.
Step 8: Give the user permissions to that folder
Under the “Files” section and the “Directories” section, click the appropriate permissions.
Generally you will want users to have all permissions.
Step 9: Once you have given the user permissions to their folders, right click on one directory and select “Set as home dir”.

The home directory is the place the user will start when they connect to FTP.

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