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Steps to access webdisk on iPad

Download cPanel Web Disk:

Step 1. Tap the App Store button on your home screen.
Step 2. Type “WebDAV Navigator” into the search box.
Step 3. Tap the INSTALL button to select WebDAV Navigator Lite.

Connection Instructions:
Step 1. Tap the cPanel Web Disk icon. It will appear as the cPWebDisk icon.
Step 2. Tap the + button to add a new site.
Step 3. Enter the following information:

Name: This is the name for your site that will appear on your device.
Server domain: Enter your domain name
SSL: Slide the SSL slider to the ON position.
Site Username: Enter your user name
Password: This is the password for your Web Disk account.

Step 4. Tap the Save button in the upper, right-hand corner of the screen. You will be taken to the main cPanel Web Disk screen.
Step 5. Tap the newly created entry in the server list.
Step 6. The Web Disk folder will appear.

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