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How to set up the CronTab module in PrestaShop

Step 1: Login to the PrestaShop admin control panel.
Step 2: Using the top menu bar, over the “Modules” tab and select the “Modules” option.
Step 3: rom here you will see the the normal list of the available modules for your store. To upload your CronTab module, look to the upper right corner of the screen and click on the Add New Module button. This will reveal a small section just underneath for the purpose of uploading your module.
Step 4: Click the Upload this Module button to have it uploaded into your PrestaShop.
Step 5: After uploading the module, scroll down until you find the module named Crontab For PrestaShop in the module list. Click on the Install button located to the right of the module’s row.
Step 6: To continue to the settings area, click on the link named Configure. In the settings screen you will select the Method from the dropdown based on the descriptions. Next, put the path for the cron script in the URL field. The Schedule dropdown allows you to choose from predetermined frequencies or create your own by selecting Other.
Step 7: Click Save for all areas you have modified to finalize the settings for the module. Your script is now set to run at your specified intervals.

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