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How to Rename a database using phpMyAdmin

A database is a collection of information organized in a regular manner to provide efficient retrieval. It can collect information in any number of formats and can be managed by storing, retrieving and managing it. To rename a database using phpMyAdmin, follow the below steps

Step 1: Login to cPanel
Step 2: Select the option phpMyAdmin under the section Databases
Step 3: Select the database from the left pane which is to be renamed
Step 4: Click the option ‘Operations’ from the list of menus at the top of the page
Step 5: Go to the option ‘Rename database to’ and enter the name to be renamed. Then click the button ‘Go’
Step 6: To ensure the process, a dialog box appears as a SQL statement. Click the option ‘Go’ to confirm it.
Step 7: The database name will be changed and a successful message will be displayed

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