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How to optimize the jpeg/png images in wordpress?

Step 1: Login to the wordpress admin panel.
Step 2: Click on the Plugins link and scroll down until you see the Compress JPEG & PNG Images plugin.
Step 3: Once the plugin is activated, click the Media link in the menu on the left hand side of the page.
Step 4: Next, click the Bulk Optimization link in the Media menu.
Step 5: The plugin analyzes the images you have uploaded to your site and provides you with statistics on the size of uncompressed images and number of images.
Step 6: To begin optimizing your images, click the Start Bulk Optimization button below the statistics.
Step 7: This will begin the compression and optimization of all the images in your media library. You will see the percentage of completion as the process works.
Step 8: As it processes, you will see the Total Savings section change. This is total size savings of compressed images.
Step 9: Once the optimization process is completed, a listing of the images and the amount of compression performed will display.

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