Manually installation of Drupal

Step 1: Download the latest version of Drupal and save it to your computer.
Step 2: Once downloaded, make sure to untar or unzip the file.
Step 3: Upload the whole folder via FTP. Make sure to upload the files in the correct directory or else try to change the domain destination.
Step 4: Access the domain name in a browser and it should show the Drupal installation profile page. You have 2 options, Standard or Minimal. Select Standard and click Save and continue button.standard-installation-drupal
Step 5: Choose the language. By default, language that is used is English. Click Save and continue.choose-language-drupal
Step 6: Enter the Database settings.
Step 7: In the Site Information page, enter the following details.
(i)Site name
(ii)Site e-mail address
Step 8: In the Site Maintenance Account box is your Drupal administrative log in details. Enter the following data
(ii)E-mail address
(iii)Password (enter twice for confirmation and make sure that the strength is Strong)
Step 9: Check the Server settings for your chosen Default country and Default time zone. Once done, click on Save and continue button.

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