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How to install WordPress using cPanel?

Step 1:

1) Login to cPanel
2) Go to Software/Services.
3) Click on Softaculous
4) A new page will be opened
5) Go to Blogs > WordPress
6) Click on WordPress.
7) There is an option called “Install” at the top bar

Step 2: Now fill the details

Software Setup:
1) Choose Protocol : Select http:// or http://www.
2) Choose Domain : Select the main domain or subdomain name to install wordpress
3) In Directory : To install at http://mydomain/dir/ just type dir. To install only in http://mydomain/ leave this empty.
4) Database Name : Type the database name created in the cPanel

Database Settings:
5) Table Prefix: wp_ Leave as such

Site Settings:
6) Site Name: Enter the site name
7) Site Description: Give some description about the site.

Admin Account”
8) Admin Username: admin or any username you like
9) Admin Password : Password for the admin login page.
10) Admin Email : Enter the email id.
Note:If you forgot the password for admin login page a reset password email will reach the above email id.

Choose Language:
11) Select Language: Set the default language option for the wordpress.

12) Now click on install

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