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How to Uninstall IIS 8.5 Using Server Manager

Step 1: Open The ServerManager

Click on the Server Manager icon on your desktop in order to open Server Manager.

Step 2: Remove Roles and Features

At the top of the Server Manager, click on Manage and then click on Remove Roles and Features.

Step 3: Click Next

Click on Next on the Before you begin page.

Step 4: Select the server

Choose the server from the server pool on the Server Selection page and then click on Next.

Step 5: Clear Server Roles Check Box

If there is any server role or role service you want to remove, go to the Remove Server Roles page and clear its checkbox.

Step 6: Remove Features

The Remove Features dialogue box will appear showing the dependencies of any role service that has feature dependencies if you clear its checkbox. Remove them by click on Remove Features. As an option, you can remove the entire IIS by unchecking Web Server (IIS).

Step 7: Choose Other Roles You Want to Remove

Choose any other role or role service which you want to remove on the Remove Server Roles page, and then click on Next.

Step 8: Uncheck Features You Want to Remove From The Features Page

If there are any features you would like to remove, uncheck them on the Features page. A dialogue box will appear with dependencies if you uncheck a feature that has feature dependencies. To remove them, click on Remove Features. After this, click Next on the Features page.

Step 9: Verify That The Features You Want To Remove Are Correct

Verify on the Confirmation page, that the features, roles and role services which you want to remove are correct, and then click on Remove.