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How to manually install Magento via FTP

Step 1: Download the latest version of Magento package in zip file format using the below URL.


Step 2: Unzip the Magento zip file and upload it into the webspace via FTP. If you wish to install the Magento on your docment root directory, then upload and extract the zip file on ‘public_html’ directory of your cPanel.
Step 3: Access the website site via web browser and ensure that your domain name is pointing to the correct directory.
Step 4: Now your domain will redirect you to the index.php/install page. Kindly agree the terms and conditions of magento installation and click ‘continue’ button.
Step 6: Select your location, time zone and currency as per your wish
Step 7: Enter the database Name, Username and Password on the required fields, kindly ensure the given database and username details already available under your cPanel account.
Step 8: Make sure the base URL and admin path is correct and click ‘Continue’
Step 9: Enter the username, password and your email. These are your log in credentials when you access the admin page of your Magento website.
Step 10: Now you have successfully installed the Magento CMS for your website. Login to the admin dashboard and edit your website as per your need.

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