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How to link to another website in a Joomla

Adding a link to another website is a simple procedure in an existing or new Joomla! article.

Step 1: To begin, log in to your Joomla! administrator back-end and go to Content > Articles. If you’re adding a link in an existing article, click the article title. If you’re creating a new article, click +New.

Step 2: Highlight the text or image you want to use as the link and click Insert/edit link on the toolbar.

In the Insert link dialog box, complete the following fields:

Url – The full URL of the target website, for example https://docs.joomla.org.
Text to display – This field is automatically filled with the highlighted text, but you can change it here if you want.
Title – (Optional) This is used as the title HTML attribute and is used for accessibility.
Rel – (Optional) This is used as the rel HTML attribute and specifies the relationship between the article and the linked web page.
Target – Defines whether the link will open in the same window or a new window.

Step 3: Click Ok to save the link.

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