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How to install osCommerce manuall via FTP

Step 1: Download the osCommerce latest version package from the below URL.


Step 2: Login into your cPanel and go to the ‘File Manager’. Navigate to the directory for your osCommerce installation.
Step 3:Upload the osCommerce package zip file on the directory and extract the .zip file.
Step 4: Now go the ‘Databases’ section under cPanel amd create a new database and database username for the osCommerce installation
Step 5: Add the database user to the osCommerce’s database and assign the user all permissions.
Step 6: Visit the osCommerce installation URL via browser.
Step 7: Now the browser will display the “New Installation” page and click on ‘Continue’ button to proceed further.
Step 8: Enter your database name, username, and password on the appropriate fields and leave the database server as ‘localhost’.
Step 9: In the web server information papage, you can change the url or leave as it is and lick Continue.
Step 10: Fill in your Online Store Settings. Make sure the email address is a valid one and click Continue.
Step 11: Now when you visit the catalog you will see the base osCommerce site.

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