How to Import Account and Email to Mailbird

The Import feature is available in our Mailbird Pro

Here are the steps if you want to import your accounts to Mailbird.

Step 1: First of all make sure the account you are trying to import is not yet added in Mailbird. Click on the Mailbird menu button at the top left, then click Settings and go to the Accounts tab
Step 2: In the accounts tab click on the “Add” button
Step 3: After that click on the Import button
Step 4: Next choose the account that you want to import. Note that if your account is not listed it’s usually because the account that you tried to import is not set up as IMAP or POP3, or it can also be because the account is already in Mailbird.
Step 5: Next step, just enter your password, click on continue, and wait until the import process is finished.
Step 6: You can also import accounts and emails to an existing POP3 account. To do this go to step 1 again but instead of clicking the “Add” button, double click on your POP3 account. You will see an image like the one above, click on import messages to continue.
Step 7: Choose the account that you want to import or email that you have saved as .pst, .eml or .msf
Step 8: Wait for the import to finish and you will find these emails in the imported folder on your account.

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