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How to change the display language on Windows Server 2016

Step 1: Please log in to your server via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), enter the control panel, and click on „Add a language“.

Step 2: An overview of currently installed languages appears.

Step 3: By clicking on „Add a language“, you will be redirected to the full list of available languages.

Step 4: Choose the desired display language and click on „Add“. The chosen language will be shown in your language overview now. In our example German has been added.

Step 5: The language on top of this list will be the default one. Move your desired display language to the top position and click on „Options“. Windows will check the availability of the language pack automatically and afterwards you can click „Download and install language pack“. Once the installation has finished, you will see the message “Installation complete”.

Step 6: You can now reboot your server to activate the changes for your local user or you can apply the language changes for the welcome screen and new user accounts as well.

Step 7: In order to apply the language changes system-wide for your welcome screen and new user accounts, please switch to the language overview again and click on „Advanced settings“. Now select „Apply language settings to the welcome screen, system accounts, and new user accounts“.

Step 8: In the menu which will open up next, please click on “Copy settings” and activate the checkboxes for copying your language settings to „Welcome screen and system account“ and / or to „New user accounts“:

Step 9: After saving these settings, Windows will ask for a reboot which will complete the process of changing the language system-wide.

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