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How To Embed A YouTube Video In A WordPress Blog Post

Adding youtube video to wordpress postIn order to embed a youtube video on one of your blog posts, follow these steps.

Step 1: Go to YouTube, and choose the video you want to embed.
Step 2: Open the video.
Step 3: Just below the video, click on Share.
Step 4: Now, click on Embed.
Step 5: Click on Show More.
Step 6: Choose the video size and other options as required.
Step 7: Copy the code, shown above the preview.
Step 8: Paste the code in notepad.
Step 9: Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
Step 10: Create a new post or edit an existing post.
Step 11: Switch to the text (i.e. HTML) version of the post.
Step 12: Copy and paste the code from notepad in the post.
Step 13: Switch to the Visual version and see how it looks.
Step 14: Update the post or save it as draft to publish when you want.
Step 15: That’s how you can embed any video from YouTube into a WordPress blog post and share it with your readers.

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