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How to Create a Google Analytics Account

In this article, we will show you how to setup a Google Analytics account so you can start tracking your website visitors.

For this article, we will assume that you already have a Google account.

Step 1: Visit the following link, then click sign in (assuming you are already logged into Google).


Step 2: Enter your Google password, then click Sign in
Step 3: Click the Sign up button.
Step 4: Select the type of service you wish to track. For this demo, we will track a website.
Step 5: Select the tracking method you wish to use. For this article, we will use the classic method.
Step 6: Enter your Website Name
Step 7: Enter your Website URL
Step 8: Select your Industry
Step 9: Select the Time Zone you operate in
Step 10: Enter an Account Name
Step 11: Select the data sharing settings you wish to use
Step 12: Click the Get Tracking ID
Step 13: Read the Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement and click I Accept if you agree to the terms.
Step 14: Select your tracking sub-options. For this demo, we are only working with one site, so the default values are fine. If you make any changes, make sure you click the Save button.
Step 15: Copy your tracking code and integrate it with your website.

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