Set up POP – Mozilla Thunderbird On Mac

Step 1: Launch Mozilla Thunderbird.
Step 2: From the Mozilla Thunderbird window, select Tools > Account Settings
Step 3: At the bottom-left, select Account Actions and then Add Mail Account
Enter your Full Name, or as you would like it to appear on your sent email.
Enter your webmail Address.
Enter your webmail account’s Password.
Click the Continue button.
Step 6: Choose your account type as POP
Step 7:Enter the following information in the appropriate field:
Mail Server: (or)
User Name: your email address
Password: password for your email
Click Next.
For POP3 use 110 – SSL Disabled ( If SSL enabled Use 995)
Outgoing SMTP port – 25 or 587 or 26 ( If SSL enabled use 465)
Step 8:Click the OK button to save your settings.
Step 9:You should now see your newly added account on the left-hand side of the Mozilla Thunderbird window as you account is now fully set up!
Note: Leave a copy of messages on the server:
i) Place a tick in this box if you want to leave a copy of your downloaded mail on the server (recommended if you access this account from another device, such as a mobile phone).
ii) Remove the tick if you would prefer to have the messages deleted immediately after they have been downloaded.

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