How do I clone my WordPress site

Step 1: Login to the wordpress admin control panel.
Step 2: Go to the plugins area of your WordPress admin panel and Click the “Add New” button on the top of the page.
Step 3: Search for, “WP Clone” and install the plugin and activate it.
Step 4: Look for the new function for WP Clone in the left admin panel of WordPress. Click the tool to open its settings.
Step 5: By default, this plugin will have the option to “Create Backup” already selected. This could take several minutes to create a backup depending on how many files you have as well as the size of the database.
Step 6: Once the backup is created, it will show the URL of the file. On the right, you’ll see a link to “copy” Clicking this will automatically add the link to your computer’s clipboard as if you simply copied the text.

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