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How to change your admin password by database in PrestaShop

Step 1: Login to your cPanel.
Step 2: Once logged in, you will need to locate the ‘File Manager’, found in the ‘Files’ category, and click on the icon.
Step 3: Once in the File Manager, find and double click on the ‘config’ folder. This will take you to a list of all files within that folder.
Step 4: Look for the ‘settings.inc.php’ file. Highlight it by clicking on it once. Then, using the icons across the top, find and click on the Code Edit feature. Click Edit from the pop up that will appear to continue.
Step 5: Go back to your cPanel and find the ‘Databases’ category. From there, click on the ‘PhPMyAdmin’ tool.
Step 6: Once inside, select (click on) the correct database for your PrestaShop application from the list of databases on the left hand sidebar.
Step 7: You will then see a list of the database tables in the left sidebar. Scroll down and select the one named ps_employee.
Step 8: This opens the table data information. Find your admin user from the list of data rows and click on the Edit link on the right side of that particular row.
Step 9: Find the password row, it is named passwd. There are two columns you will need to edit. The first is the Function column.Use the dropdown and select the MD5 option.
Step 10: After you have entered the new password, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the GO button to save the new information.

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