Google Email (G Suite)

Over 5 million businesses now trust Google Apps for professional email, increased team collaboration and reduced IT costs. With no hardware or software requirements, Google Apps for Work delivers the tools that your teams need to be their most productive.

Oryon Support for Google Apps makes migration, set up and even day-to-day management a breeze; eliminating Support headaches for you.

Google Mail

Reliable Enterprise Email

Get email@your-domain, huge 30 GB mailboxes and a 99.99% uptime guarantee. You can also access your email from anywhere; the web, your mobile device and even Outlook.

Google Drive

30 GB Storage

Use the power of the Cloud to securely store all of your email and documents in one place. Access and share docs, spreadsheets and presentations at any time, from anywhere and from practically any device.

Google Hangouts

Messaging & Video Chat

Make every business interaction a face-to-face meeting with Google Hangouts (Video). Improve your orgs communication - regardless of location - with integrated Chat, Voice and Text Messaging.

Why Choose Oryon

24/7 Pro-Active Support

When you need help, we're here. Whether you prefer email or live chat, we are here for you and your business 24x7x365. In addition to that, we also provide remote desktop support via TeamViewer. Based on survey, all our customers prefer Oryon support compared to Google support


Migration & Deployments

Our specialists make it easy to get started. We handle all aspects of your migration and deployment work closely with you to get up and running fast. Trust Oryon with more than 12 years of hosted email experience. Most importantly, email account migration is done free of charge.

Pricing & Plans

G Suite

$8 per user monthly

What's Included

  • Live 24x7x365 Oryon Support
  • 30GB Google Email & Drive storage
  • Video and voice calls
  • Integrated online calendars
  • Online text documents, spreadsheets and slides
  • Easy to create project sites
  • Security and admin controls
  • $80 per user yearly

G Suite (Unlimited Storage & Vault)

$15 per user monthly

Everything in Google Apps for Work plus

  • Unlimited Storage (or 1TB per user if less than 5)
  • Archive all emails sent to/from your company
  • Google Vault for emails, chats, docs and files
  • Audit and reporting insights for Drive
  • Advanced admin controls for Drive
  • Set message retention policies
  • eDiscovery for email, chats, docs & files
  • $180 per user yearly

Get Started Now!

The price for products and services are shown in Singapore dollars unless otherwise specified.

What are the benefits of using Oryon Support for Google Apps For Work?

  • Oryon provide remote desktop support for your mail clients like Outlook, Mac Mail and ThunderBird via TeamViewer
  • Email account migration is done free of charge remotely
  • Freedom from the hassle and time associated with managing email and productivity applications
  • Guidance for every aspect of your setup, from email migrations to custom configurations
  • Assistance with onboarding, troubleshooting and Google support escalations


Can I transfer my Google Apps account from Google or Google Partner to you?

If you are not satisfied with your current provider for Google Apps. We will be happy to take over the account for you.


Why should my company switch to Google Apps?

If your business finds itself identifying with some of these problems, then you might be interested in considering the Google Apps solution for your business.

The common business problems:

  • Cost and resource-draining IT problems, such as unreliable servers, setup and maintenance costs of operating your own operating systems.
  • Email inboxes with small storage size limit
  • Frequent virus attacks, Spam and phishing emails
  • Compliance to internal and external policies
  • Inefficient sharing and collaboration

How Google Apps solves these business problems:

  • Reduce your total capital and operating expenses. No hidden maintenance or upgrade fees. Google will host your data, we manage the account for you and provide support.
  • Rely on our certified Google Apps support team 24x7x365 to make sure your business functions smoothly.
  • With 30GB of storage per user, your employees can focus on their work instead of worrying over small email quota.
  • Real-time document editing and sharing reduce the need of sending email attachments.
  • Have a peace of mind that your data is safe on Google Apps. Google Apps data is hosted on reliable and redundant data centers. There is no chance of losing data anytime.
  • Control over what comes in and what goes out of your company with Google Apps tools. Be alert of emails being sent out with confidential data.
  • Access anywhere, anytime you have an internet connection – whether on your mobile device, laptop, or computer (Windows, Mac, Linux).


Will my data be scanned or used by Google?

Unlike Google’s consumer offerings, which may show ads, Google do not collect, scan or use your Google Apps data for advertising purposes and do not display ads in Google Apps for Work, Education, or Government core services. Google may use your data to provide the Google Apps services, and for system support, such as spam filtering, virus detection, spell-checking, capacity planning, traffic routing, and the ability to search for emails and files within an individual account.

Put simply, the data that companies, schools and government agencies put into Google Apps services does not belong to Google. Whether it’s corporate intellectual property, personal information or a homework assignment, Google does not own that data and Google does not sell that data to third parties.

Be assured your data is secure at Google. For more information, check out the Google Apps Security Whitepaper.


Can I use Google Apps to send out bulk/mass emails?

Each account can currently send email to 2,000 external recipients per day to prevent abuse of Google system and to help fight spam. If one of your mail accounts reaches the limit, the account will be temporarily unable to send mail.


How is Google Apps different from the free account?

With Google Apps for Work, you’ll receive a number of additional business-grade services not included in the free consumer product, including: professional email at your domain, additional storage across Gmail and Drive, 24/7 phone and email support, 99.9% guaranteed uptime, interoperability with Microsoft Outlook, enhanced security features, and full administration of all user accounts.

Here are just a few things you can do in Google Apps for your business that’s not available in

  • Increased Access Controls: Puts your company in control of how your information is shared within and outside of your domain.
  • Google Sites: Used for company intranet, Google Sites makes creating and sharing a group website easy
  • Google Calendar: Enables equipments or resources sharing. Have the company timetable of events at hand easily improves productivity.