Business Email Comparison

ProMail Microsoft 365 & Exchange Google Workspace
Yearly User Price (SGD) Start from $30 Start from $90  Start from $108
Best For Lowest Price Experience on Desktop Applications Experience on Browser
Access Speed  Fast Fastest Fastest
Minimum Users 3 20 1
24/7 Oryon Support All Issues All Issues All Issues
Storage Per User 25 GB Only 50 GB ~ 100GB 30 GB ~ 5 TB
Calender/ Contacts Outlook Sync
Microsoft Office License Optional

For best experience on Outlook, we recommend Microsoft Office 365 & Exchange. For example, when all users are using desktop Outlook and very rarely on browser. For users who frequently visit China or based in China, we will recommend Office 365.

For best experience on browser, we recommend G Suite Email. For example, when all the users are using webmail and not using desktop Outlook.