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Average Rating: 5 stars (based on 47 ratings)

Best customer service support agent i have ever met.
– 20 February 2018

Terrence Tang

Fast and great help given to us
– 22 February 2018

Alpha Laser Rota Mould Pte Ltd

Thanks Peter, you are very supportive
– 3 March 2018

Singa-Indo Holdings Pte. Ltd.

My problem was fixed efficiently! Thanks! 🙂
– 5 March 2018


Thanks for the past 8 years Oryon Network live chat staffs support and Services. All your support staffs are excellent and very professional. Wishing all the best to you and your colleagues and Oryon Network. Thanks again.
– 9 March 2018


Very prompt responds. Keep up the good work!
– 26 March 2018


Good, prompt and friendly support 🙂
– 6 April 2018

Eighteen Chefs Pte Ltd

Really helpful and I suspect the team went beyond their remit. Very much appreciated.
1 May 2018

Indonesia Private Investigation Agency

The online assistant is very prompt and knows his stuff well. Commendable 🙂
– 2 May 2018

minus2plus Productions Pte Ltd

Issue was resolved promptly. Great customer service!
– 16 May 2018

Futures Ventures Pte Ltd

Efficient resolution of my problem. Joey has been effective and very kind. Thanks. Etienne
– 27 May 2018

ETN Innovation Pte Ltd

thanks for the close follow up
– 30 May 2018

Dyamed Biotech

Thank you Mr Peter, for all you help and support. i am very grateful for you help. Have a nice days ahead!
– 6 June 2018

Mica Technology Pte. Ltd.

fantastic service from Alan, was responsive ad helped to answer some pre sales questions. I will move my mailboxes based on this interaction
– 13 June 2018


Support is prompt, knowledgeable, and courteous. Couldn’t ask for more. Great job.
– 21 June 2018

Yan Ping
Manifest Experience Design

Excellent and Efficient. Peter was so helpful.
– 23 June 2018

Satir Centre (Singapore)

Regina was patient and helpful, appreciate her 🙂
– 28 June 2018

Zion Serangoon

Support is always prompt in looking for answers and courteous.
– 26 June 2018

Yan Ping
Manifest Experience Design

it was a trying process but I am glad we got it settled
2 July 2018

InPsych Consulting

kudos. helpful and prompt, as usual
– 13 March 2018

Celine Ng

very helpful and responsive! Very happy with eh support!
– 12 April 2018

Lesley Ken
iVenture Management Pte Ltd

Tom is efficient and knowledgeable in solving our technical issues. Thank you so much.
– 15 April 2018

Skills Explorer

Fast response, solve the problem immediately
– 18 April 2018


Very helpful indeed. This is why I always rave about Oryon. Much much better than my previous host.
– 20 April 2018


awesome customer service from Tom.. 5 Stars *****
– 2 May 2018

DM Advisory Pte Ltd

The attitude is good and the service is very good.
– 4 May 2018


Fantastic service from Alan, was responsive ad helped to answer some pre sales questions. I will move my mailboxes based on this interaction
– 10 May 2018


as always… best support in the world
– 1 June 2018

PT. Jembo Cable Company

Joey solved my issue. Thank you.
– 15 June 2018

Kite Culture

prompt and reliable assistance!
– 19 June 2018

Brighten Etch & Engraving

resolved my problem fast. thanks
– 1 July 2018

Mohammed Ayyub
System7 Technology Pte Ltd

Very impressive solver and the problem was resolved!
– 10 July 2018

Wee Ling
Ecovis Assurance LLP

good service provided. thank you very much
14 July 2018

Feng Sheng Engineering Pte Ltd

I would gladly pay over 600 dollars for g suite. Absolutely wonderful! It’s really wonderful. G suite was worth a fortune to my company.
– 16 July 2018


I’d be lost without cloud server. Thanks for the great service. I have gotten at least 50 times the value from cloud server. We’re loving it.
24 July 2018

Lee Cheng

It really saves me time and effort. office 365 exchange is exactly what our business has been lacking. It’s really wonderful. Just what I was looking for
– 26 July 2018

Mr. Foong

I was amazed at the quality of cloudmail. It really saves me time and effort. cloudmail is exactly what our business has been lacking. I’m good to go.
– 1 August 2018

Lay Ching

Great help and prompt action, Many Thanks!
– 5 August 2018

Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association

Managed to help address a sticking problem. Very efficient!
– 8 August 2018

Bee Hian Lee
Intersection Research Consultancy Pte Ltd

Very helpful. And Patient.
– 10 August 2018

Mark Walker

efficient and good
– 17 August 2018

Joel Goh
Golden Dragon Store

It’s really wonderful. I STRONGLY recommend oryon managed cloud server to EVERYONE! It’s incredible.
– 24 August 2018

Harley Hoo

Excellent support provided by Alan today !
30 August 2018

ETN Innovation Pte Ltd

very efficient and professional as before…
– 31 Aug 31 2018

Marc & Lynn Pte. Ltd.

Efficient service and good customer service
– 7 September 2018

Skills Explorer

Very help and patient…thank you appreciated
– 7 Sep 2018

Beng Yee

Very good effort from Alan. Appreciate his care in giving good attention to my problem.
-12 Sep 2018

Chan Chee Kong