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ProMail ( Formerly Cloud WorkMail)

Email is mission-critical but comes with headaches like downtime, high IT costs, and spam and virus management. Oryon ProMail addresses these challenges with reliable, secure, hosted and fully managed email. Let Oryon manage your email so you can focus on your business. Always up and accessible from mobile devices and popular email clients like Outlook.

Changing email providers can be complicated and troublesome. We understand that and we have a team of experts dedicated to your migration and your entire onboarding experience. You’ll need to know where your domain name is currently registered and we’ll help with the rest. Talk to us on Live Chat or WhatsApp 24/7.


  • Secure IMAP (for Outlook & Mobile)
  • Premium spam & virus protection
  • Unlimited aliases and group lists
  • Large 25 GB mailboxes
  • Domain aliases
  • 50 MB attachments
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • Data redundancy in 3 different datacenters
  • 24x7 Oryon Assist Support
  • Free and easy mail migrations
  • Web-based, anywhere webmail access
  • Shared calendar on webmail
  • Company directory (GAL)
  • Advanced message-filtering
  • Instant Messaging
  • Out of office auto-responder
  • Attach files from Dropbox
  • Tasks and notes
  • Email “undelete” from trash within 14 days
  • Multiple identities and signatures
  • Email forwarding


$90 Yearly
  • Suitable for companies with 3 to 2000 users
  • $30 Per Additional User Yearly
  • Usual Price: $150
  • Up to 3 Users
  • 25 GB Storage Per User
  • Premium spam & virus protection
  • Basic Phishing Protection


$480 Yearly
  • $48 Per Additional User Yearly
  • Usual Price: $800
  • Up to 10 Users
  • 25 GB Storage Per User
  • Premium spam & virus protection
  • Advance Phishing Protection
  • Ransomware Protection
  • CEO/VIP Impersonation Fraud Protection
  • China Specific Threat Protection

All prices in Singapore Dollars (SGD) Nett. Email migration is free of charge.


Some of our customers use Microsoft Teams ( free ) together with ProMail. Get started free here.

Email Spam and Virus Protection

Our spam and virus filtering is handled in two stages: blocked email, and filtered email. Blocked email ensures you never see those messages in your mailbox. If we can’t block it, email filtering is used to identify spam and put it in your spam folder.

Blocked Email

Oryon uses several industry best practice techniques to block email spam coming from known disreputable sources. This comprises email we know, with a high degree of certainty, is not from a legitimate service. This covers everything from compromised servers to ‘spam blaster’ business email setup services that send unsolicited spam across the internet. These techniques include the use of IP block lists provided by reputable business email setup services well known throughout the email industry and blocking emails with attachment types known to exploit end-user computers.

Filtered Email

If mail passes the blocked email checks, we apply advanced content filtering to verify whether it is considered spam. Content filtering combines many techniques to analyze email structure and content, and create key indicators that identify patterns in business email service. These indicators are combined with industry-wide feedback from email providers across the internet about reported spam, phishing, and viruses. The end result is an accurate, adaptive, and evolving content filtering system with business email setup service that is highly effective at removing spam with business email setup techniques.

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