25 GB mailboxes

Generous 25 GB diskspace for each user which can hold up to many years of emails. Send up to large 50MB file attachments. Just $2 per user monthly.

Spam-free Inbox

Our premium filtering keeps your inbox free of spam and viruses. Option to blacklist/whitelist IP, domain or email address for individual or company.

Ultra-reliable Email

The email data hosted and replicated in 3 different datacenters in USA. Such redundancy ensures 100% uptime for your email accounts.

What's Included

$2 Per User Per Month

At a price your business can afford. For only $2/user/month, you get everything you need to run your business email, including:

  • Email @
  • Secure IMAP (for Outlook & Mobile)
  • Premium spam & virus protection
  • Unlimited aliases and group lists
  • Domain aliases
  • Email forwarding
  • Recover deleted email from trash
  • Auto-setup tool
  • Free and easy migrations
  • 24x7x365 Live Assistance
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • We’ll never read or share your email

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23,986 active email accounts including users from Knight Frank, Global Alliance Property, KFC and SGX-Listed Neo Group (Neo Garden Catering), HupSteel and ISOTeam.

The price for products and services are shown in Singapore dollars unless otherwise specified.

Webmail & Tools

CloudMail features collaboration apps and tools to help your business collaborate and communicate more effectively.

  • Web-based, anywhere access
  • Shared calendaring
  • Company directory (GAL)
  • Instant Messaging (Chat)
  • Out of office auto-responder
  • Attach files from Dropbox
  • Tasks and notes
  • Email “undelete”
  • Advanced message-filtering

Free Email Migration

Changing email providers can be daunting. We understand that and we have a team of experts dedicated to your migration and your entire onboarding experience.

You’ll need to know where your domain name is currently registered and we’ll help with the rest.

We continuously update the spam filtering system we use for our Cloud Email boxes in a multi-layered process that eliminates 98% of spam—with nearly zero false positives. You get spam filtering at no additional cost with all Cloud Email accounts.

Layer 1: The Gateway Scan

As soon as an email arrives, our gateway servers try to match the sending IP address to an aggregated blacklist compiled from multiple spammer tracking systems. The servers analyze the email message in comparison to other arriving mail. If a large number of emails arrive simultaneously from a single IP, or are addressed to users that do not exist in our system, it could signify a spam attack, and the servers block the offending email. If the sending address is from a domain in our system but the mailbox does not exist, the servers block the email.

Layer 2: Cloudmark® Scan

We scan all email with Cloudmark’s industry-leading spam detection software. Cloudmark uses Advanced Message Fingerprinting™ to detect viruses, spam, and phishing. Advanced Message Fingerprinting uses algorithms that detect spam across all languages and character formats. These algorithms update every 60 seconds based on worldwide feedback loops and the latest spam tactics.

Layer 3: The Message Sniffer Scan

We scan email with Message Sniffer from ARM Research Labs. Message Sniffer relies on pattern recognition and machine learning technology to detect spam and malware. It searches the entire message for spam and malware features, including unusual headers, message source behaviors, structural artifacts, obfuscation techniques, binary and image signatures, email and URL targets, unusual code fragments, and even coding styles.

Is there a limit on the number of users?

CloudMail is highly scalable and can support everything from a one-person business to companies with tens of thousands of users. We have customer companies in excess in 5000 users.

What is the maximum size for an attachment?

The maximum size for an attachment is 50 MB.

What’s the difference between IMAP and POP?

The main difference between IMAP and POP is that IMAP works with email directly on the server, while POP fetches mail from the server and works with it on your local computer.

How long does it take to migrate my servers to Oryon CloudMail?

Migration times vary per customer. Some migrate in hours and others migrate in days or weeks. The migration process is a partnership between you and the migration team. Consider your availability and resources when planning your migration as they will be needed for the testing phase of the migration and will impact the overall timeline of the transition.

Is the migration manual or is it automated?

We use a combination of automated tools and support experts to perform the migration. At each step of the migration, we stay in close contact with your team to help you get a successful outcome.

What server information do you need for the migration?

After you submit your migration request, our email migration experts will discuss available approaches with you, depending on the configuration of your source server and your migration type. Our team will require that you provide the source server address/URL and all usernames and passwords for the mailboxes. A spreadsheet will be sent to you for this step in the process.

Can my users access their mail and other data during the migration?

Users can continue to access and use their mailbox normally. However, we strongly recommend that passwords not be reset during the migration.

If I buy CloudMail from Oryon, will you help me to setup in my email client like Outlook?

Yes, if you go with Cloudmail package with Oryon, you can manage your email account via browser as well as email clients such us Outlook, thunderbird,  etc. If you are facing any issues while configuring the email account or sending/receiving emails, you may contact our live chat or email, phone support. We will take over your PC via remotely and resolve this issue with instantly.

Can I increase/decrease the number of email accounts after purchase?

Yes, with the minimum of 5 email users on CloudMail. You may contact Oryon to increase the email user’s limit at any time. It will be automatically updated on your account and the system will generate the invoice for the difference.

May I know the maximum number of emails allowed for sending per day for CloudMail?

For CloudMail you may send up to 10000 emails per day certain time interval per domain name. We do not allow spam and bulk email on your account. If we found anything suspicious on it, our spam filter automatically block the email account and send notification to your registered email ID for further actions.

Can I recover my emails even I deleted it from my Outlook Trash folder?

Yes, you can get and restore the deleted emails from trash folder within 14 days.

What if my CloudMail box get full? Is there an option to upgrade it?

CloudMail allow for 25 GB per user. If it exceeds, we recommend you to backup/archive the email account via Outlook to store in on the computer locally and clear the spam/unwanted emails manually.

Can I have some email accounts on CloudMail and some on Microsoft Exchange service?

Yes, if you wish to setup some email accounts from Cloudmail and Microsoft exchange, Oryon support team will assist you to complete the setup and migration process. We will take care of this part and will do it for you. It will not affect your current emails and other accounts. All your existing emails will be migrated to Microsoft Exchange Online without any downtime.

What are the blocked attachment types?

Note: We cannot make exceptions for any file type listed for any reason.

File type Full file name
ade Access Project Extension (Microsoft)
adp Access Project (Microsoft)
app Executable Application
asp Active Server Page
vaspx ASP.NET Web Page
asx Advanced Stream Redirector
bas BASIC Source Code
bat Batch Processing
cer Internet Security Certificate File
chm Compiled HTML Help
cmd DOS CP/M Command File Command File for Windows NT
cnt Index file for Windows help files
com Command
cpl Windows Control Panel Extension (Microsoft)
crt Certificate File
csh csh Script
der X509 Certificate
exe Executable File
fxpv FoxPro Compiled Source (Microsoft)
gadget Windows Vista gadget
hlp Windows Help File
hpj Microsoft Help Project File
hta Hypertext Application
htc HTML Component File
inf Information or Setup File
ins IIS Internet Communications Settings (Microsoft)
isp IIS Internet Service Provider Settings (Microsoft)
its Internet Document Set Internet Translation
js JavaScript Source Code
jse JScript Encoded Script File
ksh UNIX Shell Script
lib Static DLL Library Information File
lnk Windows Shortcut File
mad Access Module Shortcut (Microsoft)
maf Access (Microsoft)
mag Access Diagram Shortcut (Microsoft)
mam Access Macro Shortcut (Microsoft)
maq Access Query Shortcut (Microsoft)
mar Access Report Shortcut (Microsoft)
mas Access Stored Procedures (Microsoft)
mat Access Table Shortcut (Microsoft)
mau Access Shortcut Function
mav Access View Shortcut (Microsoft)
maw Access Data Access Page (Microsoft)
mda Access Add-in MDA Access 2 Workgroup (Microsoft)
mdb Access Application MDB Access Database (Microsoft)
mde Access MDE Database File (Microsoft)
mdt Access Add-in Data (Microsoft)
mdw Access Workgroup Information (Microsoft)
mdz Access Wizard Template (Microsoft)
msc Microsoft Management Console Snap-in Control File (Microsoft)
mht Web Page Archive File
mhtml Web Page Archive File
msh 3D Modeling File
msi Windows Installer File (Microsoft)
msp Windows Installer Patch
mst Windows SDK Setup Transform Script
msh1 Microsoft Help File
msh2 Microsoft Help File
mshmxl Microsoft Help File
msh1xml Microsoft Help File
msh2xml Microsoft Help File
ops Office Profile Settings File
osd Open Software Description File
pcd Visual Test (Microsoft)
pif Windows Program Information File (Microsoft)
plg Aston Shell Plug-in
prf Windows System File
prg Program File
pst Microsoft Exchange Address Book File, Outlook Personal Folder File (Microsoft)
reg Registration Information or Key for Windows 95 or 98 Registry Data File
scf Windows Explorer Command
scr Windows Screen Saver
sct Windows Script Component FoxPro Screen (Microsoft)
shb Windows Shortcut into a Document
shs Shell Scrap Object File
sys Windows System File
ps1 Windows PowerShell Script
ps1xm Windows PowerShell Script
ps2 Windows PowerShell Script
ps2xml Windows PowerShell Script
psc1 Windows PowerShell Script
psc2 Windows PowerShell Script
tmp Temporary File/Folder
url Internet Location
vb VBScript File or Any Visual Basic Source
vbe VBScript Encoded Script File
vbs VBScript Script File Visual Basic for Applications Script
vpb Visual Basic Project File
vsmacros Visual Studio .NET Binary-based Macro Project (Microsoft)
vss Visio Stencil (Microsoft)
vst Visio Template (Microsoft)
vsw Visio Workspace File (Microsoft)
vxd Windows Virtual Device Driver
ws Windows Script File
wsc Windows Script Component
wsf Windows Script File
wsh Windows Script Host Settings File
xnk Exchange Shortcut
xml Extensible Markup Language


What if my question was not answered in this FAQ?

Our Support Team who is available 24x7x365 will be happy to answer any specific questions you may have on the live chat.

For questions and enquiries related to device setup and administration, please refer to